Saturday, October 18, 2014

An Interim Post And Prediction

We all know that Pope Paul VI is to be beatified at the close of the Synod.

I'm making a prediction now. Write it down. Remember where you heard it first.

After Pope Paul is beatified, new evidence will be "discovered" or old evidence will "resurface" to resurrect the rumors alleging that he was a homosexual.

I hope I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

I believe I read in Father Luigi Villa's publication Chiesa Viva that very accusation. If what you write should come to pass it would shake the Church to its very foundation. God help us.

Throwback said...

That the allegations have been out there isn't a secret. If I remember correctly, there was actually an official denial that he was a homosexual issued during his pontificate.

It would be problematic because of perceptions, yes. We've had popes who have engaged in wicked behaviors before though and there's always the possibility that he was repentant/chaste.