Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Looming Synod

A couple of items as the Synod draws nigh.

First, in the interest of some of the items we posted here, we are going to try to step back from some of the focus given to ecclesiastical politics. Scandal is easily spread, and there are many who flirt with despair because of the corruption/naivete/blindness of churchmen.

Second, I want to throw out these recent words of Pope Francis to the bishops of Chad with regards to the doctrines of the Faith vis a vis the focus many have on "pastoral" issues or matters of social justice:

“The civil authorities are very grateful to the Catholic Church for her contribution to society as a whole in Chad. I encourage you to persevere along this path, as there is a strong bond between evangelisation and human development, a bond that must be expressed and developed in all the work of evangelisation. Service to the poor and the most disadvantaged constitutes a true testimony of Christ, Who made Himself poor in order to be close to us and to save us. Both the religious congregations and lay associations who work with them play an important role in this respect, and they are to be thanked for this”. 

“However”, he observes, “it is certain that this commitment to social service does not constitute the entirety of evangelizing activity; the deepening and strengthening of faith in the hearts of the faithful, that translates into an authentic spiritual and sacramental life, are essential to enable them to withstand the many trials of contemporary life, and to ensure that the behaviour of the faithful is more coherent with the requirements of the Gospel. … This is especially necessary in a country where certain cultural traditions bear considerable weight, where less morally demanding religious possibilities are present everywhere, and where secularism begins to make headway”. 

Therefore, “it is necessary for the faithful to receive a solid doctrinal and spiritual formation. And the first locus of formation is certainly catechesis. I invite you, with a renewed missionary spirit, to implement the catechetical methods used in your dioceses. First, the good aspects of their traditions must be considered and accorded their due value – because Christ did not come to destroy cultures, but rather to lead them to fulfilment – while that which is not Christian must be clearly denounced. At the same time, it is essential to ensure the accuracy and integrity of doctrinal content”.

So there's that.

Third, there have been some questions coming in about the Synod itself.

We will report on events there to the best of our ability. However, everybody should prepare for Humanae Vitae, The Sequel. We aren't the only ones making that comparison, so I doubt anybody is seeing it here for the first time. The amount of hype given the Synod has been ridiculous and worthy of mockery from anyone familiar with Catholic teaching. But most have no such familiarity or either ignore what they do know in favor of the gods of their bellies.

Pray. Fast. Then pray and fast some more. And when you think you've prayed and fasted enough, redouble your efforts to pray and to fast.

On another question as to a good saint for intercessory prayer for the Synod, there's always the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and St. Michael for these kinds of things. Outside of them, I offer the example of St. Leo the Great, or our more recently canonized pope, John Paul II. Consider that the wolves promoting the Synod as one of "change" have as their primary goal the complete overthrow of the moral laws that were most championed by him.

Just my suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is a humanist with modern agenda, which will slowly destroy our Church. Some theologians know what is really going on:

Boniface said...

Two Hearts Press - and Dr Bowring - are promoters of Maria Divine Mercy. Ignore them entirely.

Throwback said...

Yeah, I checked out the web site and saw some Medugorje stuff. That was enough for me.