Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Why Do You Hate St. John XXIII?"

I've decided that the above caption is going to serve as my response to the standard "progressive" outrage over anything that passes for Catholicism these days.

Whether it's the latest insane tooth-gnashing over a priest opting out of using altar girls, the vicious calumny directed at guys like Cardinal Burke, or just a repitition of standard "traditionalist" lines of thinking (Latin in the liturgy, ad orient am worship, EENS, the role of the Roman Pontiff, eg).

The popular view, being largely ignorant of Pope John's views, will ignore stuff like his absolute prohibition on women even entering the sanctuary or his liturgical views or his views on the necessity for communion with the Pope. 

So why do people hate all of these views when they have been held by so many good and saintly popes, Fathers, and Doctors of the Church, including and especially Good Pope John? And how many of these folks who have been sipping the Haterade would identify themselves as "John XXIII Catholics"?

One side note as it pertains to the altar girls thing. Have you ever noticed how so many prelates ignore the Eastern perspectives on things unless they think they can use the matter as a gateway for modernism?


Tim said...

On this note, I have been astounded lately at the response from some quarters to Father Illo's explanation. Rarely have I seen Catholics who disapprove engage with the decision. It seems to be per se known among these enlightened folks that his reasoning is self-evidently absurd, and all that needs to be done is assert against it. But gratis asseritur, gratis negatur, I suppose, so now we're back where we started with Fr. Illo's original argument.

I like your proposed response.

michael kakooza said...

I agree entirely. It is amazing that St. John XXIII who had such a well-documented traditional love for Catholic liturgy and devotion has been hijacked by the "Spirit of Vatican II' Brigade and degraded to a one-dimensional aggiornamento-chanting dyed-in-the-wool liberal. How many of us have read his autobiographical work, Journey of a Soul, and how many have taken a good look at his encyclicals (not exclusively Pacem in Terris or Mater & Magistra) like Ad Petri Cathedram and Veterum Sapientia? Is there a conspiracy of silence on the true pope John XXIII?

Boniface said...

You should link up to your article on John XXIII's lost legacy.

Throwback said...

Good idea