Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Help With Some Math

Thousands of Christians have been murdered, raped, sold into slavery, tortured, and so forth by Islamist forces in the Middle East. 

The world greeted this genocide largely with silence, but occasionally some offered platitudes or utterly worthless gestures. 

A dozen or so secularists at a magazine are tragically killed in a sneak attack by these same individuals. 

The world reacts with vehement outrage. Protests are held. Memes go viral. World leaders convene at Paris. The US catches flak for not sending a bigger name. Vengeance is sworn. Laws are proposed specifically permitting blasphemy. And the ripples from this event are still rolling out.

Question: What is the ratio of the value of secular cartoonist lives to the value of Christian lives?


Turgonian said...

A valid question, especially as Christians in Niger are now suffering from Muslim rage over the new Muhammad cartoon from the magazine in question (which, to be fair, is not outrageous this time).

It has been suggested that this attack has gotten such big press because the press itself was targeted. So the journalists felt it as an attack on 'one of their own'.

c matt said...

A valid question, but I think you are too many variables to isolate it as Christian v. Secular. Most of the attacks on Christians have occurred in the Middle East/Arab nations. The one that triggered Western outrage occurred on Western soil. Not so much Secular v. Christian lives, as much Western v. Non-western lives. And true - an attack on journalists AT HOME is seen as an attack on "one of us on our own turf." Had they been Christian journalists attacked on Western soil, who knows.