Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Hath Feminism Wrought?

From the looks of things, it's given us a widespread perspective that stories where a guy and gal in a fornicative relationship wherein he beats her with a belt can be regarded as "romantic" and "empowering."

Remember the days when the patriarchy really had a lockdown on stuff? Like, say, the 1950s? 

Do you think women then would have embraced and been so fascinated with such tales then? I'm going to say not. But thank goodness the modern feminist movement was able to liberate women so that they could be free to enjoy relationships where they are physically abused and understand that they should enjoy said abuse.

Huzzah for the feminist!


Anonymous said...

What you have said there is an another form of extreme. Why the choice is always only between patriarchal tyranny or feminist tyranny?

What about something NORMAL, HEALTHY AND FRUITFUL for both sexes?

What about speaking openly about human nature under tyranny of sin, which produced all above crazy choices for both sexes?

SIN is a guilty party and this leads to any kind of abuse in human relationships.

Throwback said...

To be clear, my comment about patriarchy having things on lockdown in the 50s was sarcasm. I just used the 50s because folks enjoy pointing to the Donna Reed era as one of unprecedented oppression of women.

I find that to be a ridiculous assertion.

Tyranny is a strong word. Right now, if I was to use the word in the context of gender relations, it would probably be in terms of the mindset that the only true feminist is the one who embraces a lifestyle of sexual license and/or the notion that aspiring to motherhood is a sign of weakness.

In a masculine sense, I'm not sure such a tyranny exists anymore because men as a whole seem to have no idea about what manhood is or should be.