Saturday, February 28, 2015

Any Reason To Celebrate, I Guess

I am amazed at how so many people will take any and every opportunity to express their disdain and even hatred for our popes of recent history. It doesn't matter which one: Benedict XVI, JPII, Paul VI, and so forth. Yes, even John XXIII from some. 

The latest excuse for scorn is the death of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, former president of ND. It is astounding how many comments I have gotten eulogizing Fr. Hesburgh yet spending significant amounts of time degrading ex-popes of the last half-century plus.

Naturally, this is because, with Pope Francis, we finally have a "real" pope. 

One can never underestimate society enough, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

I think some at nd nation believe it's not matter of if Fr Hesburgh will be canonized but when. I wonder just how many over there know what affect the Land o Lakes conference and the involvement of ND with the Catholic hating Rockefeller foundation had on the devastation of the Church. Although I guess there is blame enough to go around. May he rest in peace.

Throwback said...

This isn't limited to denizens of NDNation. It is absolutely freaky how people are going out of their way to use any occasion to besmirch recent popes.

Anonymous said...

To many of the folks at NDN, the Catholic church exists to serve Notre Dame.