Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Death Of Essence

A couple of things I've been told in the last few days:

ISIS isn't really Islam.

Pope Francis is our first really Catholic Pope since (heh) John XXIII/Popes Benedict and John Paul II weren't really Catholic.

Restricting the Eucharist to those in a state of grace isn't really charity.

Marriage isn't really a hard and fast concept.

When pressed as to the meaning of these statements, the last one is what comes the closest to honesty. What is actually being said in every one of these items is that none of the subjects being discussed are "hard and fast concepts." It's the embrace of what we have previously called the New Nominalism.

The whole notion of a thing actually being what it is has been shelved in favor of a wild merry-go-round of labels being applied and discarded like name tags at a mixer.

Don't like marriage? Well, let's just find some other stuff that isn't marriage and call it that. Feel better? Having difficulty with a religion? Let's ignore the professed beliefs of said system and just write the name in on a list that we pulled from a random orifice. Good deal?

I used to think that people who made up their own reality were subject to a diagnosis of insanity. If that's the case, then the inmates took over the asylum of the world a long time ago and show no signs of giving up control any time soon.


Titus said...

Either you make some of these up or you spend way more time talking to (much different) people than I do.

Anonymous said...

"ISIS isn't really Islam."

That's actually true, since ISIS is the CIA. Its all fake, government controlled hoax to take over the internet. They've been pushing this nonsense that ISIS is recruiting massive amounts of teens in the U.S. via social media...come on...it so fake. And that footage CNN has been playing on a loop...fake. The beheadings...fake. Its all a psy-op to take away our freedom. Its the NWO.

Throwback said...

Is it a psy-op or just COINTELPRO?

Titus: Unfortunately, I don't have to make much of this up. I also recognize that anecdotes aren't data. That being said, it is good to hear that these aren't views held everywhere. It sure as hell seems that way sometimes.