Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Been Almost 4 Months Since We Started

What is everyone thinking right now? What would you like to see more/less of? Anything I haven't covered that I should? Random thoughts about how awesome/crappy the blog is/was/could be?

This is an open solicitation for comments, so let 'em rip.


Philip said...

Rotate the picture at the top more often.

Discuss more topics where the Church's teaching isn't as definite. I think that just war theory or delaying the childbirth through use of NFP might be examples (but I could be wrong). I think that by discussing some areas where the Church's teaching is open for interpretation, one can help to dispell the myth that Catholicism is a close-minded faith.

David said...

I think the picture on top should not be moved! Ever. That is the greatest photograph of a Pope Ever!

Alexander said...

Vatican II stuff.

Foz said...

Small nit: the yellow text color is really hard to read on a mobile device (Google Reader renders it on a white background). Not sure what the solution is.

Topic-wise, you could do the tried and true Top 5/10 list thing for any number of topics. E.g. Top 5 ancient heresies that persist today; Top/Bottom 10 popes, etc. Might make for interesting disagreements.

Great blog, btw.