Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Speakers for upcoming Northern California Lay Convocation not exactly models of orthodoxy

At least the Cal Catholic Daily admits it. Of course, one who is not orthodox must be defined as a heretic. Too bad they didn't go ahead and call the spade a spade.

Let's check the speaker list:

The convocation will feature two speakers: Mark F. Fischer, a faculty member at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo and an expert on pastoral councils, and Sister Eloise Rosenblatt, a member of the progressive-leaning Sisters of Mercy, Burlingame, and a “feminist theologian.”

"Feminist theologian," huh. No need to guess what that means. They explain it quite well.

Sister Eloise also addressed last year’s convocation. In her talk she noted that “some of the hotly debated issues” she had heard “involve substantive unresolved questions of Church life – women’s incorporation in ministry and decision making, the survival of the priesthood and the rule of celibacy, the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, laity having a voice in the selection of local bishops... protecting freedom of speech... promotion of a collegial and collaborative leadership style between hierarchy and laity with genuine consultation with laity” on a variety of issues.

Blech. I wonder what the justification is for saying these issues are "unresolved." In case anybody has forgotten the bit from Humani Generis:

Now the human intellect, in gaining the knowledge of such truths is hampered both by the activity of the senses and the imagination, and by evil passions arising from original sin. Hence men easily persuade themselves in such matters that what they do not wish to believe is false or at least doubtful.

Ooo, ooo. Ms. Eloise's resume gets even better. Look, look!

Speaking to “Church reform” groups is nothing new for Sister Eloise. She offered workshops at the 1998 and 2005 Call to Action West Coast Conferences on the topics, “Keeping your church job,” Church law, and clergy sexual exploitation of adult women. Call to Action is a group that promotes public dissent against Church teaching on women’s ordination, homosexuality, birth control, and other matters.

For those who don't remember, Call to Action was the group of heretics that gave us the original Unholy Crap post. It stands to reason that Ms. Eloise would be a favorite of theirs.

The whole article is capped off nicely by a bad punchline from Rob Grant, who is the mouthpiece for this gathering of rebels.

Grant said, “Our perspective is to work within the body. We would rather unearth and harness the potential within canon law than to say let’s throw that out. Other organizations may choose other paths, but our intent as illustrated in our mission statement is to celebrate and inculcate the possibilities of a post-Vatican II Church.”

Two things, Rob. First, we've all seen the post-VII Church. That's why we're having to purify it. Second, you don't know what the hell you are talking about when you bring up VII this way, and I challenge you or any of your buddies there to tie VII's contents in with this crap you are spreading.

Folks, this is exactly what went down in the Garden. The whole of the original temptation that struck our first parents was the allure of being able to call their own shots and set their own rules. These people have bought into the Adversary's promise wholesale. Whether they admit it or not, they want to be God, not serve Him. They think their wisdom surpasses that of the Mystical Body of Christ, the pillar and foundation of Truth. And they are taken seriously because the root of all sin is pride and the desire to exalt oneself ahead of God. An estimated 400 attendees to this thing will be trodding down the same path.


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David said...

What do these people want? They reject the magisterium which is the very essence of Catholicism. They clearly have no room for the Hierarchy and Rome. What is it they want? I think I know.