Friday, October 17, 2008

The Guardian Angels

We mentioned St. Michael. Now, we should recall those nameless angels who are always watching over us and giving us assistance, usually without so much as a thank you. These are the Guardian Angels. Scripture provides a couple of references mentioning these Divine Messengers. In Matthew 18:10, perhaps the most popular example, Jesus says of children:

See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

Theologically speaking, I'm not familiar with a lot of items that address the Guardian Angel with much detail. If anybody does know of some, feel free to mention them in the comments. Regardless, we do have a bit from St. Thomas:

Man while in this state of life, is, as it were, on a road by which he should journey towards heaven. On this road man is threatened by many dangers both from within and from without, according to Psalm 141:4: "In this way wherein I walked, they have hidden a snare for me." And therefore as guardians are appointed for men who have to pass by an unsafe road, so an angel guardian is assigned to each man as long as he is a wayfarer. When, however, he arrives at the end of life he no longer has a guardian angel; but in the kingdom he will have an angel to reign with him, in hell a demon to punish him.

It's pretty bad that we take these friends so lightly. God loved us enough to give us a celestial protector. One would think we could show some gratitude every now and then both to the God who gave us a personal angelic guide, as well as to the guide himself for the assistance given.

Some Catholics might even remember the prayer taught in Catechism classes from way back. How long has it been since you've heard this?

Angel of God,
my guardian dear
to whom God's love commits me here.
Ever this day be at my side
to light, to guard, to rule and guide.

Far too long would be my guess.

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Haskovec said...

When I was a little kid and said my prayers before bed with my mother we always said a variation on that one. It was Angel of God, My Guardian dear, whom God's love and trust is near, ever this night be at my side, till light to guard, and rule and guide amen.