Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Bible Translation Do You Use?

We have several Bibles in the Throwback house, but the one we mostly use is a Douay-Rheims with Haydock commentary.

What say you?



dcf said...

I usually use the DR as well.


DcDrDan said...

NAB: Catholic Study Bible

As a deacon, most of the time I need to be consistent with the Lectionary.

Karl said...


Who needs a translation?

Just kidding. Usually the ESV or RSV. The new Orthodox Study Bible has really good notes, except for a few passage about Peter.

Haskovec said...

I use the New American Bible I think it says Catholic Mission Edition on it. They were selling them at our church encouraging all the people to get one. Seems really good actually. The footnotes on it I found very helpful and I really like the translation and wording. Much easier to read than a King James.