Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm not Throwback

Hi, readers,

The originator of this blog has asked me to come contribute to "Popin' Ain't Easy." So, here I am.

Wow. This place looks very retro, in a TRS-80 sort of way.

I suppose I should introduce myself: I am a Catholic, but not a Roman Catholic. That is, I am a member of one of the Eastern churches in communion with Rome. I read Orthodox theology books most of the time, and, though I find their general view of the historical exercise of the Petrine ministry to be deficient, I usually think their way of thinking about God is better. In fact, I think the Church would really benefit from a return to its practice of the first thousand years, namely letting the Greeks do the heavy theological lifting, and appealing to Rome when need be to solve a dispute.

That's enough about me for now. If you want more, and can't wait until I add something to the PAE blog, check out my seldom-updated blog Summa Contra Mundum.


Vita said...

Welcome, Karl!

I am very happy that you will be contributing here. I miss your insights on that one other place on the interwebs that you used to frequent.

As for throwback... good stuff on the saints. I really enjoy learning about their lives.

the hibernian said...

I know you!

When was the last time anyone representing the East had a good football team?

David said...

I like it when they say
"Be Attentive!"