Thursday, January 1, 2009

The idiocy of the Roman Rite

My wife went to church this morning to "fulfill her obligation", and so went to the local Roman church, only to discover that, in Chicago, Epiphany happens on January 4 instead of January 6.

This is idiotic.

Christianity demands a total transformation of life from the old way to the new. In baptism, we die with Christ so as to live with him. No area of our lives is supposed to be exempt. But how can this be believed, when the Church tells us we needn't mark the proper days of the feasts? If we can make accommodations to the sacred calendar, why not make accommodations in one's moral life?

Someday maybe I'll write a paper on the primacy of the liturgical over the moral. As it is, let me respond to this with a gruff "Humbug!"

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