Monday, January 26, 2009

March For Life

Do I have any attendee readers?
Do I have any readers at all?

Seriously, anybody with stories, news, whatever, please let me know, and I will be more than willing to post it.


Karl said...

I'm here. You've got at least one reader and ersatz writer.

Did you see Pelosi's comments on the economic dangers of babies?

I laugh through the tears.

flap said...

You've got at least two readers. I guess if Karl is going to qualify his writing, I probably need to qualify my ersatz reading.

If you're talking requests... Of course I was interested in the "Rebirth of Calvinism" piece, but I also especially enjoyed "Because Regular Christianity Just Isn't Good Enough."

I'd like to read more of your thoughts on where Catholicism hits the mark vs. other faith expressions...especially Protestantism (sic). Maybe you could throw out a topic every week or two.

I personally am the most comfortable in the Catholic Church, but I think there are probably bigger fish to fry than worrying about other Christian faiths. Perhaps I'm being naive.

Throwback said...

Karl, I hope you'll recount your efforts for us.

Flap, I'll try to work on coming up with some more material along those lines. We aim to please here.

For starters, I'll just say that worrying about other faiths is kind of my hobby. It seems terribly unloving to be content with a person not knowing the Truth of God. Even if I wasn't concerned about their final destination (which I am), that they are severed from the worship of the Mass and the receipt of the Body/Blood/Soul/Divinity of God Himself is an enormous tragedy.