Friday, November 20, 2009

Fr. Jenkins, we're waiting for your apology.

If you've been following the health-care debate, you know that a Representative Stupak attached a modest pro-life amendment to the House bill. The White House, through mastermind David Axelrod, has declared that they will get the amendment stripped in conference. The White House whose inhabitant, Barack Obama, was given a degree honoris causa, is dead set against even the modest step of restricting public funds for abortion.

This is interesting, in a morbid way. If the President is willing to alienate the US bishops, who are his natural ally on lots of things, over abortion rights, then it is clear that he really is extreme on the issue. By the modern shibboleth "extreme" read "wrong, malicious, infanticidal."

Fr. Jenkins, we were right to protest. You would be right to resign for your craven syncophancy to the worst of men. Certainly you should drop the trespassing charges against those who had the courage to protest on campus.

But I'm just a silly single-issue partisan, so what do I know?


Roisin said...

Sad. I'm still waiting for when this mythical "common ground" will be reached.

If you subsidize something, there will be more of it. Why these supposed intellectuals can't grasp that is beyond me. But then again, I'm just a single-issue partisan extremist too ;)

Throwback said...

What Karl said.