Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Haterade

Thanks to Nitschke over at NDNation for providing this link. Basically, it's a discussion of Bishop Jerome Listecki's appointment as Archbishop of Milwaukee.

Taking a look at the comments, you see that the Haterade font has been flowing rather freely among the Sconsinites over this.

Most of the hate takes this form:

Just what the Church needs- - a theological right winger predisposed to impose his particular brand of faith on everyone else both inside and outside the Church. This is not Jesus's path

Not peace, but a sword. If you don't gather with Him, you scatter. And so forth. As usual, it's very easy for such people to talk about Jesus's "path," when they have very little idea about what Jesus said or did.

What amazed me was the fact that Archbishop Weakland still has defenders out there, and zealous ones at that:

I hope you can minister as a Roman Catholic bishop and not just as a "conservative" one. You are the shepherd of ALL God's people, not just those who think like you...on this you will have to stand before the Good Shepherd. If you can serve ALL God's people and challenge ALL to live as Christ, maybe we can silence all those judgemental people who make the devil smile (their judgementalism and hatred, especially toward Archbishop Weakland, prove that the devil is gaining ground!), because the charity of Christ has been put on the back burner. Help us restore the charity that once ruled this Archdiocese by being a bishop for ALL, not just for some.

There's more, but this comment was pretty typical. For those of you who don't know about +Weakland, here's the wikipedia article. Let's ignore the liturgical abuse and doctrinal whackjobbery for just a second, and focus on the fact that the sex abuse problem in his diocese was primarily under his watch. Oh, and that he used diocesan funds to pay off his gay boyfriend who was blackmailing him. You probably could have accomplished a lot of "charity" with that $450,000.


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Mark of the Vineyard said...

I am starting to believe that we are living through another period of widespread heresy, such as that of Arianism. I doubt I will see things back to norm in my lifetime, though it seems that slowly BXVI does seem to be taking measures to put things right. It would be nice if a lot of bloggers on Rorate Caeli would notice the good the current Vicar of Christ is doing, rather than criticizing him for what he has not (yet) done (and sometimes even for what he has done - the TAC comes to mind).