Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Latest Opinion On Pope Benedict Comes From . . .

Ali Agca. The same guy who tried to assassinate JPII back in 1981 is now getting publicity for his thoughts on Pope Benedict's job performance.

Mehmet Ali Agca, who emerged from prison in January nearly 29 years after wounding Pope John Paul II in Rome, has declared himself a messenger from God.
Agca told journalists in Istanbul on Monday that "I want the pope to resign not arrested," as he waved a Turkish newspaper reporting calls for the arrest of the pope. The press conference marked his first public comments since his release.

Well, thank goodness we got his take on the matter. After all, who better to sound off on this issue than crazy man with a history of attempting to murder a pope? I wonder if the reporters who got this scoop are proud of themselves. Do they even realize that it's stuff like this that makes the smear campaign so transparent?

Not that anyone cares, I guess. My feeling is that the current stories are just going to reinforce the pre-existing opinions of who Pope Benedict is.


Roisin said...

Wow...just...wow. I think anyone with two eyes should be able to see that Benedict is not involved in the way his critics wish him to be, in all of this. However, reading and digesting the facts was never a strong suit of the general public.

Karl said...

I really would like to know the proximate cause of the latest smears. Was it just to discredit catholic pro-life witness on the eve of the American health care vote? Is it the annual Easter-Christianity-Bash?

Or is there some other reason why Catholicism has become the worst thing in the world, according to the NY Times?