Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Can't Handle The Truth: St. Patrick Was A Baptist!

That's right all you Catholic folk. Dr. LK Landis said so. It must be true.

For centuries Roman Catholicism has laid claim to the supposition that Patrick of Ireland was a Roman priest. However, over 100 hundred years ago W. A. Jarrel, much respected author and church historian, put into print what had been known by Baptists since the very beginning, that Patrick was not a Catholic priest, but rather a Baptist missionary. It is because of this much neglected fact that we put into print this material so that this present generation may know the truth and great heritage of this early Baptist missionary to Ireland. So zealous were these historians of the 1800's and so spirited was their conviction to this that one wrote, "Rome's most audacious theft was when she seized bodily the Apostle Peter and made him the putative head and founder of her system; but next to that brazen act stands her effrontery when she 'annexed' the great missionary preacher of Ireland and enrolled him among her saints" (A Short History of the Baptists [1907], Henry C. Vedder, pg. 71-72).

Whither the evidence you might ask? Well, just read the article. There are multiple references to the Baptist Encyclopedia, so again, we know it must be true. Oh, and St. Patrick never mentioned purgatory in any of his writings (all 3 of them that we still have). The argument from silence. How convincing.

It's articles like this one, and their actual acceptance by some, that make me question the modern human capacity for rational thought.

St. Patrick, pray for us.

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