Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still waiting for an apology

Given the recent presidential subversion of the CHA as a way to get supposedly pro-life Democrats to support Obama's health care plan, thereby setting up an alternate magisterium of liberal nuns, I ask Fr. Jenkins: where is the dialogue? Where is the common ground? Is this what Notre Dame gave Barack Obama an honorary degree for?

You were duped, Father Jenkins, and you let yourself be duped. Either that or you are a willing cooperator in the destruction of the Church in America. It isn't too late to do penance.

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Roisin said...

I did see a great quote yesterday, referencing "A Man for All Seasons," saying that "Richard Rich at least held out for Wales...Sr. Keehan waited for one of 20 pens."

To that I would add, a pen that's probably not even worth 30 pieces of silver.