Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Legacy Of Roe V. Wade

I waited until today to post this, simply to illustrate the absurdity that using different methodologies for murdering innocents can somehow make it ok. There is no real difference between what this guy did and your typical partial-birth abortion. Nor is there any difference between this and what President Obama endorsed in his attempts to defeat the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (which would have required emergency assistance to be rendered to babies born after failed abortions; the President, during his time as a legislator, voted to let these children die).

To attempt a distinction based on technique is the lowest form of sophistry. Yet so many still try. People can be weird in their attempts to rationalize evil.

A doctor accused of running a filthy "abortion mill" for decades in an impoverished Philadelphia neighborhood delivered babies alive, killed them with scissors and allowed a woman who had survived 20 years in a refugee camp to be overmedicated and die at his clinic, prosecutors said.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 69, was charged Wednesday with eight counts of murder for the deaths of seven babies and one patient. Nine employees also were charged, including four with murder.

Prosecutors described the clinic as a "house of horrors" where Gosnell kept baby body parts on the shelves, allowed a 15-year-old high school student to perform intravenous anesthesia on patients and had his licensed cosmetologist wife do late-term abortions. A family practice physician, Gosnell has no certification in gynecology or obstetrics.

God, please have mercy on us for permitting such abominations to occur.

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Aileen Ruane said...

I've never felt so physically ill after reading something in my entire life. The people trying to make this about "poverty, not abortion" are perfect examples of what you described.