Friday, January 7, 2011

Let's civilly disobey!

May I suggest that the faithful refuse to move feast days? Celebrate Epiphany on January 6. Celebrate Ascension Thursday on Thursday. Fight the power!

A grass-roots movement is clearly needed. And probably T-shirts.


haskovec said...

That seems to be how all the Americans protest these days with some sort of T-Shirt. I saw a post on facebook this morning by the USCCB on constructing a renewed American Catholic identity.

Wouldn't it show more of an identity if we celebrated feast days on their actual feast which would entail a lot more going to mass during the week and definitely make us look different than the typical Sunday only church.

Throwback said...

It would be a nice gesture. Of course, most of us would probably be branded as pharisaical schismatics, whilst the disco liturgies of the day proceeded without impediment.