Thursday, October 13, 2011

And Off The Cliff They Go

In prior posts, we've referenced the lemming-ish habits of the Protestant ecclesial communities. After having their national assembly vote last year to allow for openly homosexual ministers, the first such type was finally ordained earlier this week.

A Wisconsin man who left his Presbyterian ministry in California more than 20 years ago after telling his congregation that he is gay was welcomed back into the church leadership on Saturday as its first openly gay ordained minister.

In a quavering voice ripe with emotion, 56-year-old Scott Anderson told the hundreds of friends and backers who packed Covenant Presbyterian Church in Madison for his ordination ceremony that he never thought the day would come.

"To the thousands of Presbyterians who have worked and prayed for almost 40 years for this day, I give thanks," Anderson said. "And I give thanks for those who disagree with what we're doing today yet who know that we are one in Jesus Christ."

Another slap in the face to Truth. This was the best part, though.

When he was presented to the crowd, audience members gave him a thunderous standing ovation and began roaring with cheers.

"That was very atypical of Presbyterians," Doug Poland, an elder at Covenant Presbyterian Church, told the Wisconsin State Journal. "Usually our hands are in our laps."

Makes me wonder how many spins in his grave Calvin did on this. It's true, though. You usually can't get Presbyterians to show that kind of reaction in church. For them to provide it for something like this is beyond weird.

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haskovec said...

I am not surprised that this would be occurring in Madison. That city is really a crazy place.