Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jesuits Cry: Save The Altar Girls

You might wonder why America magazine is making such a petition. When you read the article in question, it's basically because, sadly, they are just looking for a way to justify being heretics.

We know that the Holy Father is aware of what this publication stands for. Otherwise, Fr. Reese would still be in prominence. My wondering is why Pope Benedict even lets such a brood of vipers exist in the first place. Wheat and tares, I suppose.

The minute a bunch of alleged Catholics try to relegate dogma to the level of "policy," though, we should also inquire as to where the priests and bishops are who would challenge this attempt to poison their readers' souls.


Philip said...

When I try to think of mistakes that the Church has made in my lifetime, I think that this is one of them.

Every time I go to Mass, I can't help but notice that nearly every voluntary role is filled by women or girls. There are so few men at Mass, and the few who are there don't participate. Most parishes have been effectively emasculated.

Give the boys and men a defined role again, and maybe they'll step up.

Of course, men have one clearly defined role in the priesthood, but I can't help but think that actually having male altar servers (a rarity these days)would have to help more young men consider a vocation.

And as I've said before, I think about the lack of vocations a lot. I believe it's the single biggest issue facing the Church.

Throwback said...

100% agreeance.