Saturday, October 1, 2011

More On Assisi III

The Eponymous Flower has been keeping tabs on some of the news leading up to the next Assisi Meeting. As cringe-inducing as the prior events were, things are shaping up to be way different this time.

First, Cardinal Koch has gone on record as saying there will be no communal prayer at the event. This is a relief and has lent credence to an earlier report, which I admit I had discounted, that the Holy Father is actually going to use the meeting to attack religious relativism.

These would be hugely positive things. One can only imagine the SSPX response. Even moreso, the secular media reaction will be vicious beyond anything we've seen recently. I'm willing to suppose that it might wind up worse than anything I've seen in my lifetime. If you thought the criticisms relating to the Traditional Latin Mass or even sex abuse cases was bad, these will be all-out attacks. Unfortunately, I'm sure a lot of them will be coming from Catholics as well.


Tancred said...

I've been really disappointed by the hostile response to the Cardinal's statement, but it may take some time to sink in.

When I read this on a German priest's FB, it was a jaw-drop moment for me.

Throwback said...

I expect things to worsen. If the actual event rolls in and the Pope really does this, it's going to make the post-Dominus Iesus flap look like a kindergarten picnic by comparison.

We enjoy the blog, by the way.