Saturday, July 21, 2012

More Discipline

In our prior post, we mentioned the problem of ecclesiastical discipline and how the lack of it has contributed to the Church's problems today. Rorate is reporting a couple of possible examples for us to consider.

First, we have two bishops resigning well before their time: one from Italy and the other from Canada. As in the other cases where this has come up recently, here for example, the dioceses involved aren't big name places, although the Italian Bishop Di Mauro had some Curial ties.

Second, the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru has now been officially declared as being neither pontifical nor Catholic. This is interesting given the prevalence of liberation theology there and how so many people freaked out over Archbishop Muller's appointment to the CDF, given his ties with Gustavo Gutierrez. This action against the school is definitely another blow to those who wish to promote such doctrines as being within the bounds of orthodoxy. Like say, the Superior General of the Jesuits.

The latter event is undoubtedly a positive thing. I have no idea about the former. I am completely unfamiliar with these guys. Maybe they were both in poor health or were forced out in some Curial shenanigans. Maybe it was a disciplinary move. There's no way of knowing, but at least the move in Lima shows that the Church can still enforce its authority.

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