Monday, July 9, 2012

While I Was Out

It looks like a hell of a lot of stuff went down. A quick recap before we return to our regularly scheduled blogging:

The SSPX General Chapter is underway, with Rorate posting a La Croix report that maybe 1/3 of the SSPX is fighting Bishop Fellay on cutting a deal with Rome. Pray.

Muslims are killing Christians in Africa (Nigeria specifically). Nobody cared. You can probably substitute Syria, Iran, Egypt, and half a dozen other countries and the story still works. Pray.

Or Communists for that matter, since China hasn't given up. Now, they've apparently taken Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daquin after his decision to leave the schismatic Patriotic Church and be faithful to God instead. Pray.

Oh, and they consecrated another schismatic bishop, too. Pray.

And, of course, Archbishop Muller was appointed head of the CDF. Not even going to touch that one, as I'm still too disappointed that it wasn't Cardinal Burke. Pray.

In positive news, after reports about various groups of Protestants looking to jump on the gay marriage bandwagon, the Presbyterians put the brakes on the movement that we had previously reported here a few years ago was gaining traction.

Members of the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination on Friday voted against a proposal that would have created a path to same-sex marriage ceremonies in the church.

After more than three hours of debate at the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s biennial General Assembly in Pittsburgh, voters struck down a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage, 338-308; no voters abstained.
The proposal would have changed the church's Book of Order to define marriage as between "two people." It would have required approval by a majority of the church's 173 presbyteries, or regional governing bodies, in order to become final.

Following Friday's vote, the church will keep its definition of marriage as being a union between "a man and a woman."

So they got that going for them.

Pray anyway.

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