Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Bother With The LCWR?

I had a guy ask me recently why the LCWR is even on the papal radar screen for a restructuring/takeover/crackdown/whatever you want to call it. After all, I'd just made the point to him that the dissidents represented by the LCWR are dying off and being replaced by the more vibrant, orthodox orders. Given the contribution of the LCWR sisters to "social justice," he wondered why they couldn't just be left alone until they faded away.

This is a very good question, especially coming from a non-Catholic who probably has gotten the bulk of his news on this topic from the standard media sources. FWIW, I believe the gentleman here identifies himself as Methodist.

First, I made the point that "social justice" is apparently a very flexible term in LCWR-speak. From what's been admitted by the participants themselves, "social justice" includes promoting the murder of the unborn, which is neither social nor just. This is an oft-forgotten element of the social justice crowd. Everyone deserves justice except the most helpless.

Second, I pointed out that, in the interest of keeping as many souls out of hell as possible, something needed to be done. He seemed satisfied with this answer, though I doubt he found it convincing. This is cause for reflection. As mentioned above, these nuns do seem to occupy an older demographic. Their time is short. At the very least, they have broken their vows of obedience. In a worst case scenario, they are in heresy and schism, whilst encouraging others to sin.

Keeping in mind that our main concern is souls, how can the Pope not intervene? These women have put their salvation in danger. Not only that, but they are leading other souls to hell as we speak. In many ways, this entire situation is a microcosm of the post-conciliar era's problems. Church leaders have shown a surprising degree of callousness in correcting those who, rather than obedience, have opted for revolution against God. Declaring "Non serviam!" bears its ultimate price and very little has  been done to do try and course correct those headed into the abyss.

Now is as good a time as any to try and fix this. Hopefully, the Curia will be next.

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