Sunday, February 3, 2013

Archbishop Gomez: "There Are No Excuses." Cardinal Mahony: "Let Me Give You Some Excuses."

Cardinal Mahony, deciding with supreme imprudence to give up his right to remain silent, has offered a response to Archbishop Gomez's decision to strip him of his public duties. Basically, it comes down to this. Way back around 30 years ago, Cardinal Mahony admits he messed some things up. Since then, he's been awesome. There's almost(?) a tone in there that suggests(?) that +Gomez and the rest of us should be thanking him for how he handled things.

I'm linking to Rocco Palma's account because (a) I don't want to drive any traffic to Mahony's blog where he posted the response and (b) the text of what he wrote is pretty disgusting and reproducing it makes me feel icky.

If you want some detail on just how things were getting handled in LA, this article on Real Clear Religion gives some good examples.

I certainly hope that Archbishop Gomez's recent statement doesn't amount to a walk-back of his prior action.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these'cut to the chase'links.I'll read them after the hectic hour around here. I was reading(not at his site) his response,but I could not bear it so did not finish.