Thursday, February 14, 2013

Whither The SSPX? (updated)

Who knows?

However, I'm reminded of a conversation with a priest friend of mine from several months ago wherein he stated that if Pope Benedict regularized the SSPX, he hoped that God would grace him with a quick death thereafter so as to spare the Holy Father the crushing backlash that would result.

Perhaps the current scenario isn't so far from that. Per Rorate:

Rorate can independently confirm the report --hinted at just now in Le Forum Catholique -- that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has sent a letter with a final offer to the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX): resume the dialogue with the Holy See by February 22, or else the Holy See will make an offer of reconciliation and full communion to individual SSPX priests. (What kind of offer or structural basis will be offered is unclear.)

So there's that. I've been throwing in as a wild prayer to God that the Pope make the final move with the Society immediately before his resignation. Maybe now not so wild after all.

Please, God. Make it so.


Apparently, Bishop Fellay seems to think it's hopeless.


Anonymous said...

I'll pray with you!Time is short! Get to it!

George7622 said...

A new headline at "Trois prêtres lefebvristes relevés de leur apostolat après une lettre ouverte contre Mgr Fellay." "Three LeFebvrist priests relieved of their apostolate after an open letter against Bp. Fellay." The rest of the article is available for for a fee of €1.00 (1-month trial subscription; then €15/mo after that. And I thought the Indianapolis Star was expensive at $12.99/mo.!)