Sunday, February 24, 2013

Persecution Continues (In Spite Of ND Professor's Claims)

In case you happen to hear anyone (and I'm refusing to embed the video out of disgust) lying about how Christians aren't being persecuted these days, just remember places like Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and India. And that's just the short list.

Even the most secular of sources admits it. As for the persecution in ancient times, I'm sure the video's presenter is relying on the word "relentless" since she repeats it a couple of times, which is moronic, since nobody that I'm aware of presents the first 300 years of Christianity as one long block of bloodshed. It was an off and on thing.

Otherwise, she's pretty much going to have to make the absurd case that a massive amount of ante-Nicene historical data (including items of strictly Roman origin) has been fabricated. Just another embarrassment for the ND faculty I'm afraid. Nothing new there.

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Titus said...

Wait, isn't this one of the basic conceits of The DaVinci Code?

Where do they find these people?