Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Book Review From Boniface

As previously mentioned, I have a thing for reading histories of Vatican II. They've been instrumental in our ongoing discussion of the Council. One that I have not had a chance to pick up is Roberto de Mattei's new work The Second Vatican Council: An Unwritten Story. Fortunately, Boniface at Unam Sanctam has had a chance to read it and has posted a review over on his blog.

In doing so, I remind all those who are unfamiliar with the Council's history to understand a very significant point. There is no "traditionalist" or "conservative" accounting of the facts that surrounded Vatican II that is not in complete accordance with the "liberal"/"progressive"/"dissenting" view. Everybody basically agrees on what happened. The question is always whether the author feels that what happened was good or bad.

As painful as it might be for Catholics to grasp, nobody argues that the Council was derailed from its original intentions, that the doctrinal formulations are deliberately ambiguous in spots, and that the ambiguities were placed there for the purpose of creating a doctrinal shift in favor of Protestant (or other heterodox) views.

Everybody admits this. Including the previous Pope, so it shouldn't be controversial.

Anyways, check out the review then check out the book. Then read a similar work by someone like Gary MacEoin to prove my point.

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