Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sainthood For Venerable Pius XII?

There's a story going around that Pope Francis is considering canonizing Venerable Pius XII.

While I'm all for this under normal circumstances, if it means another miracle waiver, I'd prefer it not happen. It would be awesome to watch the press squirm trying to reconcile The Hippy Father image they've painted for Pope Francis with this sort of honor bestowed on Pius XII, who, let's face it, is universally loathed by secularists and modernist Catholics alike. I would thoroughly enjoy the conniption/stroke that we'd see out of Abe Foxman, Garry Wills, Richard McBrien, etc.

However, none of this would be worth a further watering down/precedent for the canonization process. Discipline is sorely lacking in most facets of Church life these days. Maintaining order, where it is functional, is important, I think. Including in the declaration of saints.

That being said, if he's got his two miracles, then the aforementioned Foxmans, Willses, and other liars should not serve as a bar to raising the Venerable Papa Pacelli to the altars.

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