Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Should Eastern Priests Have To Be Celibate?

I maintain that this is one of the absolute dumbest moves on the part of the Curia. I'm not sure I recall any pope from the last two centuries (or even before then) being in favor of such bone-headed terms. Every Holy Father who has spoken on the topic has condemned this kind of stuff. Part of me wonders if this is just one more move of sabotage against the Holy Father at such a critical time in his pontificate. This is something that just needs to go the hell away, as Karl commented at this post.


Titus said...

This is . . . strange. I'm fairly confident that Eastern seminarians are aware of the (more limited) place of celibacy within their own tradition. Why go poking the hornets' nest?

Agenda Item 1 for the next pope: cashier the whole curia and clean house.

haskovec said...

I completely agree, this is stupid, and will only create division in the church over something that isn't even part of Dogma. If anything maybe it is time to reopen the conversation about whether Latin Rite Priests should be able to get married. I think 1000 years is enough time for us to consider if it is the best thing for us. It think if we relaxed that rule we would probably see a lot of good men enter the seminary and serve as priests.

Karl said...

It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard a cardinal say. It's reverberating through my church, and through the Orthodox world. "See, we told you so! Can't be in union with Rome!"

In my opinion, the rule should be ignored, actively disobeyed even, since unjust laws are not laws.

Throwback said...

Exactly. It's so stupid that I can't see it being a legitimate position. Ignore the magisterial teaching on the matter of Latinizations. Just think about it in terms of the obsession so many in the Curia have with ecumenism.

We have cardinals doing disco liturgy, promoting things like Assisi, applauding things like ARCIC, wanting women priests, decrying Western clerical celibacy, and then something like this hits?

Maybe I'm just too paranoid these days, but the whole thing stinks of a conspiracy to sow division.