Monday, September 22, 2008

A Bevy of Asian Stories Coming Up

Not sure why, but it seems like a lot is going down in Asia lately. First bit of news, and thanks to Amy Welborn for pointing it out, it looks like the new Prime Minister of Japan is Catholic. At least, that's what the BBC is saying. This is great news, as it's always good to see Catholics being promoted to such high stature (maybe we can work on that monarchy thing in Europe), but it's also kind of exotic for me.

I know that there are Catholics in Asia. However, non-Indians Catholics there are just a wild concept for me. I'm not sure why. All the stories about them indicate the Church is orthodox and vibrant in its spirituality. Our Lady even appeared in Akita. I just never really think of the Catholics there unless I'm reminded. Hopefully, this guy will be a great example for the Church and help to draw more people to Her embrace.

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