Thursday, September 25, 2008

Speaking of Asian Martyrs: The Adversary is Planning to Make More

I've posted several times about the ongoing persecution of Catholics in other countries. Viet Nam, which seems to be a modern-day pipeline for seminarians, is no exception. From AsiaNews:

Goon squads went into action last night in Hanoi. About a hundred thugs raided the prayer vigil held by Thai Ha faithful under the indifferent eye of some 500 police agents—they destroyed a chapel, sullied a statue of Our Lady with motor oil and proffered threats against the people who were praying.

The same thing had happened at night on Friday when another bunch of thugs attacked the faithful, ransacked St Gerard chapel and an outdoor altar, destroying statues and images despite a police presence.

“The attackers were shouting slogans, calling for the murder of the archbishops and Thai Ha superior, Fr Matthew Vu Khoi Phung,” said the Redemptorists.

Yesterday the chairman of Hanoi’s People’s Committee Nguyen The Thao threatened to “severely punish” the archbishop of Hanoi, Mgr Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet, and all those like him for “stirring up the population, launching false accusations against the government, mocking the law and dividing the nation.”

This reminds me a great deal of recent reports on 60 Minutes and The World Over regarding Iraq and China. You never really hear about how bad it is out there for folks adhering to the Faith. It takes the outbreak of a war or a major international event like the Olympics for anyone to give a crap.

I know several very good Vietnamese priests. There are probably many more of them in their home country who are suffering at this very moment. Pray to God that they persevere through whatever their trials are.

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