Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Exoneration for Pope Pius XII

The Pave the Way Foundation is an interreligious group that just held a symposium on the heroism of Pius XII in saving Jews during the Holocaust. Zenit gives a good treatment of the whole thing here. Basically, Pius XII wasn't Hitler's Pope and was actually instrumental in saving thousands of lives.

Shocking, I know. I'm sure that Wills, Cornwell, and Foxman are all printing up their retractions and apologies for all the horrible things they've said about such a holy man. Suffice to say, I really am curious about how much evidence these jerks need before they stop slandering the Holy Father. Foxman probably wants video of Pius renouncing Christ and praying in a synagogue. Being that Wills and Cornwell are such hypocrites, I doubt there's anything that will convince them to change their minds outside of a Road to Damascus moment.

Still, the path seems to be getting clearer now. All readers please continue to pray for this wonderful pope's canonization.

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