Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Don't Like Father's Day Anymore

I used to. Before I had kids.

It was a tough weekend. I basically woke up thinking of the baby we lost back in December. That didn't really stop for the whole day.

After that, I was treated to a viewing of UP! which, as a Disney/Pixar production, I foolishly thought was going to be a barrel of whimsical and joyous laughs. Instead, it opened with what might be the most depressing 20 minutes of film I've ever seen.


***********It was even nice enough to include a scene where there is either a lost pregnancy or a couple finding out they can't have children at all. Real comedy gold, there.******************


The movie then builds on the theme of fulfilling promises, or rather, the failure to do so and what that means. Yeah, I probably took the "lesson" completely wrong, but the pump had already been primed for a nice round of self-loathing at this point.

Of course, the worst part is following this up by having your kids tell you how great you are. Nothing is more shameful than to be honored for something you don't deserve. It's like the movies and TV shows where the soldier or whoever is getting the medal even though he knows that it was someone else's blood and courage that paid for it. All he did was cut and run.

I guess it is a good thing to have such a day on our calendar. At least there is some secular acknowledgment that family is important. This one just didn't go so well.

By the way, UP! is not a bad movie. It's actually quite funny once you get past the initial bout of abusing the elderly.

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