Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Nominations Are In!

A month or so late . . .

But it's time for what I hope will be the Annual PAE Awards. Let's go to the individual categories:

St. Thomas Becket Awesomeness Award for Bishop of the Year

Bishop Martino For Declaring The USCCB As Having No Authority

Archbishop Ranjith For His Plain Speaking Regarding The Liturgy

Archbishop Burke For His Discussion Of The Obama/ND Invite

Bishop Olmsted For His Boldness In Dealing With Schismatics

St. Pius V Papal Moment of the Year

Pius XII Claimed As "Interpretive Key" Of Vatican II

The Lifting Of The SSPX Excoms

Pope Benedict's Defense Of His Lifting The Excoms

Loisy Award for Modernist of the Year

Anyone Who Attended The West Coast Call To Action Conference

Margaret O'Gara For Encouraging The Abolition Of The Papacy

Nancy Pelosi For Scaring The Hell Out Of Us

St. Ephrem the Syrian Award for Best Catholic Media Effort of the Year

USCCB Excises Quasi-Heretical Statements From Its Catechism

The Pave The Way Foundation's Work In Promoting Pope Pius XII For Sainthood

The Catholics Come Home Campaign For The Lapsed

Please vote for your selection in the poll to the right.

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Todd said...

Honorable mention should go to Damian Thompson at the UK Telegraph for the excellent reporting on Anglican/Catholic relations this past year. His blog overall is pretty good too.