Monday, February 8, 2010

Am I A Bad Person?

My son was watching ESPNews on Friday. Yes, I realize that I shouldn't let him watch idiots pretend to know things about sports, but that's not the topic of this post.

The story at the time was about a New Orleans priest (not naming names) and his devotion to the New Orleans Saints. Some focus was given to the team fanfare given at Mass, which ranged from the priest donning a Darren Sharper jersey for his homilies to dual-meaning songs associated with the team (eg- When the Saints Go Marching In), to cheers and such amongst the laity at Mass.

I cannot help but find this conduct offensive. Watching the video of this made me nauseous.

Should this not bother me? Is this really all that different from clown Mass?

I'm sure the people above were very "nice" and "had good intentions." You could say the same things about the folks in the Unholy Crap video. Does good intention make it ok? I don't think so. In all three instances, everybody is having fun and well-entertained. I'm sure that all parties involved would tell you that the experience "brought them closer to God" and was "wonderful" in every imaginable way.

It's still wrong. It's the warm-and-fuzzies that make it so hard to correct, though. When the Mass ceases to be focused on God, it becomes an instrument to satiate the emotions of the participants. God's work is ejected in favor of the people's creation. And anybody wanting to see a reverent Mass actually conducted according to the mind of the Church and all the real saints of the Church Triumphant are condemned as Pharisees and integrists.

I don't think that's the case, but it seems like this would be the minority opinion.


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