Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Vatican Has Crappy Taste In Music

There. I said it. Granted, it's from Osservatore Romano, so it probably doesn't count, but geez, I'd like to know who came up with this (from The Register):

The Vatican has prescribed the perfect iPod playlist for Catholics looking to spend their summer trailing between carefree rock festivals rather than scouring their soul on foot-lacerating pilgramages.

The list, published in Vatican freesheet Osservatore Romano, is noticeable for having no overtly religious leanings. While it does feature sometime Gloria singers U2, Bono is these days more famous for acting as if he is Jesus than for singing about him.

Thank goodness. Who knows what sorts of apocalyptic hijinks might erupt if allegedly Catholic newspapers actually leaned towards religious stuff. Or even Catholic stuff.

Check out what's on the list, though:

The Beatles- Revolver


David Crosby- If I Could Only Remember My Name


Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon

Sucks (unless you are watching it with The Wizard of Oz)

Fleetwood Mac- Rumours


Donald Fagen- The Nightfly


Michael Jackson- Thriller

Doesn't suck, but come on. Is this really an album or singer that should be promoted by a Vatican journal?

Paul Simon- Graceland


U2- Achtung Baby

Doesn't suck

Oasis- (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Really sucks

Carlos Santana- Supernatural


Looking at this, it's pretty easy to see how liturgical music has been devastated over the last few decades.

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