Saturday, February 20, 2010

They are going to do it anyway!

Philip asks in a comment for my thoughts. Here they are:

If you decide that the fact that people will do bad things means that one ought to take steps to make it easier for people to bad things, you then take away any necessity for virtue.

Why need I be chaste, if there is no danger of pregnancy or disease? If the social safety net makes sure that my misdeeds won't hurt anyone, then are they even misdeeds? Free condoms and needles for all!

The problem: without virtues, none of us will ever be pure of heart. None of us will ever see God, as is promised to the pure of heart by Jesus Christ.

So, it may seem like the compassionate thing to do for us to make sure our children are adequately contracepted, but it is only a seeming. The compassionate thing to do is to teach chastity, that is, self-control, so that we may approach God more easily.

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