Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Follow-Up Re: Divine Chastisement

I found a good illustration of my prior point on divine punishment and the suffering of innocents that we talked about here.

My kids were watching Prince of Egypt and the plagues scene came up. Take note of what Moses says around the 1:07 mark.

People aren't suffering because of any badness on God's part. They are suffering because of Ramses's sin. Sure, it's easy for him to try and shirk the blame off on Moses, but it's pretty clear that all the devastation and blood spilled (including and especially the death of the first-born) is all on Ramses.

Anyways, just thought it was a good example of what I was trying to say.


Turgonian said...

You tempted me to go and watch Prince of Egypt myself. It's a good movie, although sometimes the "historical and artistic license" is a bit too much: Zippora is a quite emancipated woman, Jethro the high priest is a dancing grandfather with uplifting messages...and the Egyptian high priests dance around Moses singing "You're playing with the big boys now!" (Alright, I admit that was a good part. The song was quite catchy.)

Throwback said...

I love that part. I'm also a big fan of the opening song, Deliver Us. I used to listen to that one before finals when I was on law school.