Tuesday, June 22, 2010

John Fisher And Thomas More

There isn't a whole lot that I can say that these clips don't. I still can't fathom how such material wound up on Showtime, but I am grateful for them.

Being aware, as we are, of the current and coming persecutions throughout the world, it's probably inevitable that we ask ourselves the question: Could I do it? Could I be a martyr?

To be blunt, the answer is no. Neither you nor I could pull something like this off. God, on the other hand, can do such things, and we should not concern ourselves with whether or not our flesh is weak. It is. We should simply pray and trust in God that He will deliver us in these torments to the Pearly Gates.

St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, pray for us that we may not fail in our times of trial.

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Magdalene said...

Long have I had a fascination with the English martyrs. Could it so happen again in our lifetimes? Yes. Would it be for the defending of the primacy of the Pope and the dignity of Marriage? Could be. could be for defending life from conception to natural death. Could be for defending marriage again for sure as the enemy of souls seeks to destroy families, marriages and morals and it doing a tremendous job of it.

Could we be martyrs? We must seek the strenght and grace NOW. Now with frequent sacraments and daily prayer. Now when the price is low so that we can pay it, by the grace of God, when it is high.