Monday, June 7, 2010

Who Exactly Can't Be An Anglican Bishop Now?

Per the Telegraph, divorcees now qualify. Am I the only guy more surprised by the fact that there was still a rule prohibiting divorced bishops than the recasting of the rule itself?

The Church is set to issue a statement announcing the new policy next month after legal advice made clear that there is no obstacle to a divorcee, or a priest married to a divorcee, being consecrated.

It means that a number of clergy who have been rejected in the past by the Crown Nominations Commission, the body responsible for appointing bishops, will now be put forward for consideration.

So who is left that hasn't gotten in on this yet?

Has anyone asked Chants A Lot's pet rock or Chris's chia pet if they are discerning a vocation?


Philip said...

I don't know what the liturgy of the hours is, and I would probably rate as above average in my liturgical knowledge amongst Catholics my age.

Now I'll go to Google to find out.

Philip said...

So I just read about the Liturgy of the Hours. Apparently it's required by canon law that all priests praty the Liturgy of the Hours each day. I wonder how many priests actually do the Liturgy of the Hours.

Throwback said...

Hopefully, all of them. I'm pretty sure it's a mortal sin for them not to.

Do you have an iPhone? iBreviary will help you with this.

Philip said...

No iPhone for me. Just a work provided BlackBerry.

I wish I could say that I can't afford one because I gave the money away to the Little Sisters of the Poor. Alas, I am sinful and greedy.