Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Triumph of Bad Taste

Today, the kids were sick, and my wife had to stay home with them while I directed the choir at church. She then went to a local Roman Catholic church for Mass. She isn't particularly rabid, theologically, but, get this: she went to the Polish mass, in a language she couldn't understand, simply to avoid the ubiquitous liturgical silliness these days.

It's actually not a bad parish, just rather low-church, as so many are. Guitars and drums are in the sanctuary, as well as (it seems) half the parish as extraordinary ministers of the eucharist. I know that the priest loves God and isn't trying to offend, but the liturgical practice is offensive.

My question: if we must have guitars and folk-music in order to appeal to the taste of whoever it is that likes that stuff, why doesn't anyone do anything to appeal to the taste of people like me or my wife? Why do we rush headlong to the lowest and easiest?

What was it Stan Lee always says? Excelsior!

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