Sunday, May 29, 2011

ARCIC Still Exists?

Really? I thought we were done with this once Anglicanorum Coetibus came out. Per Rorate, apparently not.

Summary: In the most liberal religious building in Italy (Bose), the most useless debate society in history keeps on as if nothing had changed.

From the Holy See Press Office:
The Anglican - Roman Catholic International Commission has completed the first meeting of its new phase (ARCIC III) at the Monastery of Bose in northern Italy (May 17-27, 2011). The Commission, chaired by the Most Reverend David Moxon (Anglican Archbishop of the New Zealand Dioceses) and the Most Reverend Bernard Longley (Roman Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham) comprises eighteen theologians from a wide range of backgrounds across the world.

This is basically Sisyphus brought into the world of ecclesial relations. The Holy Father had the right solution. Just forget about getting the rock over the hill and move on to something constructive.

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