Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fr. Pfleger Threatens To Leave


The Rev. Michael Pfleger said Tuesday in a meeting with parishioners that if he is not reinstated as pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church by this weekend, he will begin to preach at other churches.

In his first in-depth public remarks about his suspension by Cardinal Francis George, Pfleger told a group of about 150 people that he has received numerous offers to preach from churches throughout the city and the country and needs to get back to preaching.

He did not specify at what churches he might speak or their denominations.

Still, Pfleger insisted that the only way he will leave St. Sabina is if he is thrown out or if he believes God wants him to go.

If we have any readers who support these kinds of actions by a priest, I invite you to learn about what the great saints did in these sorts of situations. Can anyone envision Padre Pio acting in such a manner? Humility is the mother of the other virtues. Fr. Pfleger is demonstrating a distinct lack of it. Why should his behavior be considered praise-worthy?


Jeb said...

Father Pfleger took a vow of obedience and should obey his Bishop. He has not done this in the past 30 years always threatening one thing or another. It is time for his Bishop, Cardinal George, to end Fr. Pfleger's priestly duties, let him join another church. I am shocked at his activities and would welcome his exit from the Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

If he is suspended, why a meeting with just his parishioners? Probably to help them decide another way to get the media's attention.This story came out because of a reporter sitting there, who went unnoticed. Now, the parishioners are saying he didn't threaten to leave. That's more BS!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that he has never been a part of Roman Catholic Church