Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fr. Pfleger Stuff

So he's off the hook. Again.

Ending a weeks-long standoff, Cardinal Francis George lifted his suspension of the Rev. Michael Pfleger on Friday after the two men met and Pfleger apologized for statements the cardinal took as a threat to leave the priesthood.

Both men issued simultaneous statements, with Pfleger saying he would deliver a transition plan by Dec. 1 for St. Sabina Catholic Church, the South Side parish he has served for nearly 30 years.

What does all this mean? Nobody really knows at this point. We can hope that Fr. Pfleger has repented of his heresy and pride and disobedience. That's about it. The "transition" talk in the report implies that he's still leaving St. Sabina's. The terms are all vague and uncertain, though.
There's plenty for Cardinal George to have called him out on before all this. He let all that slide and is apparently letting this go. We hope it's for the right reasons. Time will tell.

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