Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weird Day Today

It was my son's First Communion. Wonderful occasion.

Then our priest announced that he's being swapped out with another priest in a parish south of here.

Bizarre timing for all this. Pretty much means that the Fathers have about a month to move.



haskovec said...

Do you know anything about the new priest? Have you been pretty happy with the current one? I got to go to Mass with my dad this weekend and see my parents new priest. They seem to have gotten 3 really good priests in a row there so they are very happy about that.

Throwback said...

We know nothing about the new guy.

The current priest is a good man. He's not the best administrator and has some liturgical items I could nitpick over, but to be honest, I'm just glad we have someone.

What we need is someone that will engage the members of the parish who are sitting on the sidelines. Lots of folks are getting burned out right now and there's no help in sight.