Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Did I Miss This?

So last night, I turned on Jack Van Impe in the middle of his broadcast. As usual, he's spouting off a 10-minute stream of Bible verses, so you have to wait to hear what he's actually talking about. When he gets done with that, he starts blasting the Trinity Broadcast Network and the junior Crouches (sons of the founder). Holy smokes. Jack basically calls them apostates looking to censor the Word of God because they won't let him rip Muslim/Christian syncretism ("Chrislam" as Jack calls it) and how he'll never be on TBN ever again.

How did we get here? When did all this happen and why didn't anyone tell me.

There's articles about it all over the place. June? This all blew up back in June? I'm not sure if I'm humiliated for just now finding out or just ticked off because none of the other Jack fans I know bothered to tell me. Maybe they just figured I already knew.

You can hear Jack talk about it here:

As you might know, Hal Lindsey left TBN back in 2006 over similar stuff but returned a year or so later.

Anyways, I couldn't find the actual broadcast that I was watching last night, but Jack was all over the place. He blasted the Crouches, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, and said something about somebody's momma before it was all over with. Not only is Chrislam a problem, but there's no more preaching on sin and church services look more like night club entertainment than worship.

Sure, he's given rants about these last topics before but not while calling people out by name. Wild stuff and more reasons why the J to the V to the I is Bible-quoting awesomeness in a coat and tie. Seriously, it was like that scene in Network:

Two things that I'm wondering about going forward. First, will this re-center some Protestants on the importance of doctrine? Second, Jack praises DayStar for showing his program twice a day. As anyone who has seen DayStar programming can tell you, they are the media hotspot for exactly the kind of squishy doctrine and disco church service that he was just condemning. Will he speak out against those other preachers as well?

Make it three things. Jack, when are you going to stop all this other nonsense and become Catholic? We know you had a soft spot for JPII. You enjoyed reading the Catechism. You mention the Church Fathers in your broadcasts all the time. Home is waiting, sir, and you are welcome.


haskovec said...

Wow that Rexella woman seems crazy. I had never heard of this guy before.

Foz said...

I had a related thought yesterday while watching the "What would you fight for?" commercial during the ND game -- specifically, when the imam indicated that he belied that God's spirit dwells in all of us, I wondered if this is a tenet of Islam (or Catholicism for that matter)? Or, is it just another example of syncretism?

Throwback said...

Rexella is always like that, which makes the show all the better. The whole program is a great watch, especially when Jack seems to completely forget what he's talking about and just starts ripping off Bible verses. That he's allegedly got the whole thing memorized is impressive; he just gets rolling and the connections fall apart sometimes.

Foz, I'm working on a post about that TV spot. What the imam said is not remotely Catholic. From the Muslims I've spoken with in the past, it isn't Muslim either. But hey, it probably made a lot of people feel all warm and fuzzy, so that means it must be ok.